Review of Love’s Lasting Light from Dirty Linen Magazine: 

#102 -- October/November 2002, pages 88 and 89.

Paul & Win Grace Love’s Lasting Light 
Wellspring CD4906

When Missouri's Paul and Win Grace began playing music 28 years ago, they never dreamed they'd ever be performing publicly. Six albums later, the couple is a testament to how music, like love, can blossom into a lasting thing. Paul plays fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, and guitar; Grace graces accordion and piano, while both sing and harmonize together. Considerable ground is covered here as the couple applies their intimate magic on selections from Stephen Foster, Bill Staines, Steve Gillette, Patsy Montana, and Carson Robison. There are a number of traditionals, like "Shady Grove," the fiddle-driven, piano-outlined "Durang's Hornpipe," and the Tin Pan Alley number, "My Name is Morgan But It Ain't J.P." Regardless of the tune's source, all boast diverse, tire-less arrangements. Daughters Leela and Ellie, who are heard here on banjo and mandolin, assist on the resounding chorus of "Farewell My Friends." A charming set of tracks.                                      -- Dan Willging

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