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Leela and Ellie Grace's second CD is HERE!

Click to see responses to Where the Waters Run!


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Produced by Leela and Ellie Grace

Ellie Grace: mandolin, guitar, fiddle, vocals
Leela Grace: banjo, guitar, vocals

Kevin Hennessy: electric and upright bass
Jake Hanselman: drums, percussion
Pete Szkolka: electric guitar, Hammond organ

Recorded and mixed by Pete Szkolka in Columbia, MO
Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain
Photos of Leela and Ellie by Seth Barr

photos by Leela Grace
Graphic design by Oasis DesignWorks

All aspects of this project were lovingly micromanaged by Leela and Ellie Grace

1 Wrap Myself in You (L. Grace)
Only For You
(E. Grace)
3 Until a Drop Becomes a Flood  (E. and L. Grace)
4 Morning Grace
(L. Grace)
5 Red Rocking Chair 
6 This is My Family
(L. Grace)
7 Common Ground
(E. Grace)
8 Book of Names
(L. Grace)
9 Singing Bird
10 When You Love Someone
(E. Grace)
11 Queen of the Earth, Child of the Stars
(L. Grace) 
*Note: We have also posted a few full songs from "Where the Waters Run" on our myspace page, if you wish to hear more than clips!

Questions, comments, response to the CD?  E-mail:
Leela "at"
Ellie "at"

Responses to Where the Waters Run:

"This second CD from sisters Leela and Ellie Grace is a smart and harmonious set, mostly comprising original songs with a bright sound and an uplifting outlook. Their blend of complementary mountain-clear voices recalls the sound of groups like the Wailin’ Jennies and Uncle Earl, and the arrangements featuring mandolin, fiddle, banjo, and guitar also place them firmly in the modern American roots realm..." -- Dirty Linen (Read entire review HERE)

"I received "Where the Waters Run" and just have to tell you what an exquisite recording this is.  Your vocals just keep getting better and better, and the way your voices wind around each other is jaw-dropping. Your instrumental talents are, of course, outstanding and I have to say that I was extremely impressed with your songwriting. There is great depth and insight there. I want you to know that your work is among the freshest and best anywhere on the American folk music scene.”
-- Kent Anderson, DJ, “Different Roads” on KCSC in Oklahoma City, OK

So I got your new cd and I am totally blown away- again.  I just love the work that you and your sister are doing.  I am very moved by your lyrics.  I especially liked your song about family and the one about immigration.  Stunning.  Moved me to tears.  I wanted to thank you for sharing your courage and your talents.”--Tanya M.

“Blending string band tradition with powerful contemporary folk, Leela and Ellie Grace's CD Where the Waters Run features touching love songs as well as stirring songs of social justice and traditional songs such as "Red Rocking Chair" and "Singing Bird."” – Kansas Public Radio

"Dear Ellie and Leela:
I've been recording, mixing and mastering folk music since 1971. It's very rare that I encounter a talent as charismatic, authentic, and enjoyable as yours." -- Bob Katz, Digital Domain

“What an album! I am constantly impressed by your talents, both musical and literary.  Even though I had "pre-listened" to a couple of the songs on your my-space page, I was still mesmerized by the tight harmonies, wonderful lyrics, and great accompaniments.This CD sounds SO GREAT.  Most people have a favorite song or two on any CD they own. Not so with this collection.  EVERY song is my favorite--I can't pick just one.” --Vicki P.

“I wanted to thank you most heartily for the CD. Good thing it's not vinyl or I would already have worn the grooves off. I love all the songs, but Until a Drop Becomes A Flood is perfect. I always was a fan of protest songs. Bob Dylan couldn't have done better. You two can evoke about every emotion humans are capable of expressing. I look forward to hearing your voices, instruments, melodies, harmonies, and rhythms for as long as I can last on this rotating rock.”
--Rick G.

“Dear Leela & Ellie, We're so thrilled about your new CD. It's the album we've been waiting for since we last heard you at Summer Solstice. The range of emotions is amazing. We love every cut, but my favorite is "Morning Grace," because it perfectly captures that sense of wonder in the presence of great love. I actually used to say to myself, "I almost believe in god when I'm in love-I have to have someone to thank." But I like what you say much better. There's so much joy and sorrow and hope in this album.” --Susan S.

“We received the CDs today and have already played it several times, enjoying the new songs we heard you sing in your last concert (and sampled on your website). The close harmony of the choruses of the songs are lovely, but the harmonies of "Queen of the Earth" are almost heart breaking in their poignancy, especially on the last note of the lines. I could learn to love "Until a Drop Becomes a Flood" almost as much as "You Shall Love," for its strong critique of our national behaviors. The love songs are special, with their journeys through joy and pain, touching the personal and the societal.”--Claire G.


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