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Leela and Ellie's Lyrics!

 We love it when you sing along!  Click on the "lyrics" links below to see the words to each song.  If you wish to hear clips, go to the Listen page.  If you wish to hear the whole songs, go here to find out more and possibly buy a CD!

Photo by Seth Barr

(Click on the CD for more info and to purchase online!)

1 Wrap Myself in You (Leela Grace) [Lyrics]
Only For You
(Ellie Grace) [Lyrics]
3 Until a Drop Becomes a Flood (Ellie Grace and Leela Grace) [Lyrics]
4 Morning Grace (Leela Grace)
5 Red Rocking Chair (trad.)
6 This is My Family (Leela Grace)
7 Common Ground
(Ellie Grace) [Lyrics]
8 Book of Names (Leela Grace)
9 Singing Bird (trad.)
10 When You Love Someone
(Ellie Grace) [Lyrics]
11 Queen of the Earth, Child of the Stars
(Leela Grace)

(Click on the CD for more info and to purchase online!)

1. Echoes of the Ancients (Leela Grace) [Lyrics]
2. Song Unsung (Ellie Grace) [Lyrics]
3. Shady Grove/ Half Past Four
(trad.) [Lyrics]
4. Never Forgotten (Leela Grace) [Lyrics]
5. Song That Bird Sings 
(Carla Sciaky) [Lyrics]
7. In My Name
(You Shall Love) (Leela Grace) [Lyrics]
8. Down in the Valley to Pray (trad.) [Lyrics]
9. You’re Aging Well
(Dar Williams) [Lyrics]
10. More Love
(Tim O’Brien/Gary Nicholson)  [Lyrics]
11. Goddess
(Leela Grace) [Lyrics]
12. Streets of Gold
(Robin & Linda Williams) [Lyrics]
13. Sundown/Sleepy Lu
(trad.) [Lyrics]

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