Song That Bird Sings
Carla Sciaky (© 1994 Salonica Publishing Co./BMI)

 I live in the mountains about a half hour from town
And I explore the woods in good weather and I walk the paths Iíve found
Thereís a rabbit that lives in my woodpile and there are deer that graze on my grass
But they could be gone in no time and you canít bring back the past

Well we can plant it and we can cut it down
But we canít make a tree
And we can water crops across the land
But we canít make the rain
And we can shoot it down or put it in a cage
But we canít make a bird
And we canít sing the song that that bird sings

 I wake in the morning to the clatter of jays and crows
And the neighbors have seen wild turkeys along the creek below
And the elk appear every autumn and they bugle round the bend
But they could be gone in no time and we canít bring them back again


We donít have the power to keep a volcano still
And we canít stop the might earthquake from shifting at its will
But we can listen to earthís rhythms and keep that lifeline on its track
Oh Ďcause it could be gone in no time and we canít bring it back


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