Morning Grace
Leela Grace   

I feel your breath upon my skin 
As the morning light finds your face 
Love blows ‘round us like a sacred wind 
And I say a little morning grace    

[chorus] Tears like a blessing, love like the light
I touch you like a prayer every single night 
I don’t know who to thank every single day 
I sing a little song, say a little grace 
Thank you to the breathing 
Thank you to the sun 
To the moon and the morning 
Every song ever sung 
To the sky and the ground 
The goddess in the trees 
The angels and the afternoon 
That carried you to me 

Your smile makes me want to sing 
As you lead me barefoot to the door 
You show me all the fragile flowers of spring 
That have never dared to blossom before 


The night wind blows so silent and so sweet 
And you gather me gently in your arms 
I hold you in reverence as you sleep 
And I whisper my thank-yous to the stars 
I whisper my thank-yous to the stars

That winter afternoon
That carried you to me

(© 2004 Leela Grace, BMI)

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