In My Name (You Shall Love)
Leela Grace (2002 Leela Grace Music, BMI)

In my name you say you kill
In my name you turn with rage
In my name, impose your will
In my name these wars you wage
But I say to you,
This is all you shall do . . . in my name . . .

You shall love
This is all that is real
You shall love
You shall touch, you shall heal
Through the darkness of fear
This song is all you'll hear
Through the labyrinth of anger
Through the screaming, empty hunger
Through the hatred for the shame
You shall love, you shall love
In my name

In my name you say you hate
And in my name, oppress
Say those not like you
Are somehow something less
But I say to you,
All that share this earth with you, in my name . . .


And when you've been fighting those before you and you've forgotten for how long
When it seems like the chasm is too deep to overcome
When you hate and make them enemies because you think they've done you wrong
All you despise is what you become . . .
But I say to you,
This is all that is true . . . in my name . . .


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