Leela Grace (
1998 Leela Grace Music, BMI)

You are crazy, you are beautiful
You are the goddess in my eyes
You sing like the earth, you shine like the sun
I can see the goddess in your eyes

Be strong, be tender

Mother daughter breaker mender
Reach and grow
Dance and know
Spread your wings like fire
Shed your tears like rain
Dance in your desire
Revel in your pain
Your wings will set you free
Your pain will give you birth
Your tears will let you see
You are the woman of the earth

I have the magic, I know the creation
I scream for every woman in every earthly nation
With my wings of fire and my garland of flowers
I am the love, I am the power


 You can conquer me no longer
You cannot hold me down
I can only grow stronger
I stand rooted in the ground
The goddess sings through all, to the sky to the earth
She dances a circle of death and birth


 I am the tree
I am the bird
I am the sea
I am the word
I am the sky
I am the stone
I am the why
Iím the unknown

I walk I fly, I laugh I cry, I breathe I die . . . 
I am alive

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