Echoes of the Ancients
Leela Grace (©
1997 Leela Grace, BMI)
In 1997, we took a trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota, one million untouched acres of forests and freshwater lakes that are traversable only on foot and by canoe.  For three days and two nights, we found ourselves on the same paths had been taken by voyageurs and Native peoples generations earlier.

 I am walking on the path of those who came here long ago
Before the white man carved the land up with his cities and his roads
Iím looking on these lakes as they were seen by those eyes
Who were only guided by their spirits and the skies
This land cries, Follow me
And my spirit soars free

And deep in the night in the light of the moon
I hear the echoes of the ancients in the call of the loon
I feel their ghosts glide by on those still, glassy waters
Oh, teach me your song, I am this landís long-lost daughter

I hear nothing but the sounds of the earth in the air
In the land of the wolf and the moose and the bear
My body may be aching as the full moon climbs the sky
But my soul can only sing and my heart can only fly
The wind sings, Fly with me
And my spirit soars free


This land of brilliant beauty is breaking all my walls
Tears of joy shine in my eyes as each heavy burden falls
This place of untouched splendor touches something deep inside
And I feel every soul as my heart is opened wide
The Earth cries, You are Me,
And my spirit soars free


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