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More "Quotes"

"Leela and Ellie are two of the finest clog dancers to ever tap a toe!"
- Neil Gaston, musician

"Dear Paul and Win,

I just have to write to tell you all about Leela & Ellie's performance last night in West Plains [Missouri]. First of all, though I am glad Ellie is feeling better, I was a tad disappointed that I didn't get to take her place as I had quite the little dance routine worked out in my head that I was going to do with Leela. We won't even mention the sparkly little outfit waiting in my car that I was going to wear. Sigh...

Their performance, as always, was amazing! The audience loved them! They got a standing ovation at the end and did an encore. I was sitting right next to a group of people that obviously were friends and they were talking back and forth between themselves, in awe of the girls, asking questions aloud like "Are they twins?", "Hey that move looks like they're killing ticks!" (remember, this WAS West Plains), "They should have an answer and question time.", "Think one of them would go out with Bob?" and on and on until I couldn't stand it because Leela and Ellie were getting all the attention and I was just a nobody in the dark.

So, maybe I shouldn't have, but I couldn't help myself, and I spoke up and told them that I was the girls slightly older sister. They were all excited and wanted to know some family stories, so I HAD to come up with something, you understand, I'm sure. I mentioned that time Ellie got lost in the Grand Canyon and the time Leela let the pigs loose accidentally on Grandpa's farm and how you two used to tie the three of us together when we were at a crowded festival so we wouldn't get lost and that time on Father's Day when we tried to cook Paul breakfast and set the kitchen on fire... I tell you this because should any of these stories arise in conversation next time you are in West Plains, I ask that you just be vague about them, OK?

Your loving and slightly deluded 'daughter' [OK, Win added that part in, but the rest is pure Judy.], Judy"
-- Letter from ace musician Judy Domeny Bowen about Leela & Ellie's 6/15/02 performance at West Plains, Missouri's Old Time Music Festival

"Most impressive is the fact that Leela Grace is already writing songs that hold their own with the traditional and contemporary ones, such as "In the Cradle of the Moon" with evocative, non-cloying nature imagery, and "Song of Harriet Tubman."Dave Beltane, Review of Dance Upon the Earth in Dirty Linen, 1996

“Leela Grace was an outstanding contribution to the Westchester Philharmonic’s Exploring New Worlds: Music of the Americas program. She is a walking, talking (not to mention singing and dancing) resource for American folk music. In elementary school classrooms, Leela presented songs, stories, dances, and activities that were engaging, age-appropriate and packed full of tangible educational content. Leela adapted well to different classroom situations and charmingly entertained the students to such an extent that they didn’t even know how much they were learning! In concert, Leela’s clear talent and professionalism as a performer were accented by her luminous personality and down-to-earth rapport with the students. Leela is just the person to get your students fired up about music and the context through which it is created.”--Marney K. Makridakis, Director of Education & Community Outreach, Westchester (NY) Philharmonic

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