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Love's Lasting Light
A Duet CD by Win Grace
& Paul Fotsch

Cover: Love's Lasting Light CD


  1. Roses of Prince Charlie
    (Ronnie Browne) [Listen]
  2. Nelly Bly
    (Stephen Foster) [Listen]
  3. Child of Mine
    (Bill Staines) [Listen]
  4. Hideaway [Listen]
  5. Wildwood Flower/High Atmosphere 
    (trad/Robin & Linda Williams)
  6. The Chicken Song
  7. Shady Grove
  8. Ways of the World
    (Steve Gillette & Rex Bensen)
  9. I Sit Beside the Fire
    (Tolkien & Leady)
  10. Durang's Hornpipe/Little Dutch Girl
  11. My Name is Morgan, But it      Ain't J.P.
  12. Cowboy's Sweetheart
    (Patsy Montana)
  13. Wait for the Wagon
  14. Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing
  15. Wreck of the Number Nine
  16. Ida Red
  17. Farewell My Friends 
    (Ellie Grace)

Love's Lasting Light
CD, 2001


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Win Grace: autoharps, piano accordion, piano, vocals
Paul Fotsch
: fiddle, mandolin, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Leela Grace: banjo, harmony vocals
Ellie Grace: mandolin, harmony vocals
Cathy Barton and Dave Para: harmony vocals

Win and Paul go back to whur they come from -- back to the beauty and simplicity of the duet sound that got them started in the music business 27 years earlier.

Dirty Linen review: "A charming set of tracks...  The couple applies their intimate magic...  Regardless of the tune's source, all boast diverse, tireless arrangements..."  Read review.

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Did you know?? In this CD is a beautiful song, I Sit Beside The Fire, from J.R.R. Tolkien's blockbuster BOOK, The Fellowship Of The Ring.

The title of this CD comes from Bill Staines' timeless song about a parents' enduring love, Child of Mine.  Listen carefully and you'll hear it dancing by.

After a lifetime of finding themselves either on the backside of the wave of popular culture or too far ahead to get any kind of ride, with this album the artists find themselves riding the crest of the wave of popularity of Tolkien's blockbuster BOOK The Fellowship of the Ring with the inclusion on their CD of Bilbo's song I Sit Beside the Fire.

"I just love your new recording! Such a nice mix of songs, fun and serious, am very glad you put the Chicken Song on--I love it! (Does that prove how shallow I am?) Well done. Your thought and work and waiting and planning all really paid off with a very nice recording. It will stand the test of time and will be one I want to play again and again over the years. If I ran a big festival, I would book you right now! For a lot of money! And really nice accommodations! And top billing on the program!"               -- Judy Domeny Bowen, Musician

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