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In Dreams I Hear the Music
By Win, Leela and Ellie Grace & Paul Fotsch


  1. The Old Church Bell (Gevedon)

  2. Oh My Little Darling

  3. Jim Johnson (Bob Dyer)

  4. The Touch of the Master's Hand (Welch/Sally Rogers)

  5. Freedom is Coming

  6. Boatman

  7. When the Wagon Was New

  8. Patteroller/Waterbound

  9. I'm A-Goin' On (Dickey)

  10. Children At Heart (Leela Grace)

  11. Carrion Crow

  12. Banjo Pickin' Girl

  13. Baby Rocked Her Dolly (Merle Kilgore)

  14. Kitty Ditty (Joel Mabus)

  15. Casey Jones

  16. Cuffey/Smith's Reel


In Dreams I Hear The Music
CD 1993


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Win Grace:
autoharps, accordion, vocals
Paul Fotsch:
fiddle, mandolin, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Leela Grace:
banjo, feet (clog dancing), vocals
Ellie Grace:
mandolin, bones, feet (clog dancing), vocals



"...this family has such obvious fun singing together, and they have such good taste in choosing material, that the album has a lot of appeal."
Bob Blackman, SingOut! Magazine

With Ellie at age 14 and Leela at 16 and their parents ageless (as always), The Grace Family is really starting to cook on the old time string band music and to have a great time with four-part harmonies on contemporary and traditional folk, not to mention South African acapella!  In Dreams I Hear the Music is a reality!

"...another beautiful and  charming album filled with the best music of a bygone era as well as contemporary tunes that evoke the same feelings."       
--Andrew Limani, Folkfire Magazine

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