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Dance Upon the Earth
By The Grace Family

  1. Dance Upon The Earth (Marie & Sheila Burns)
  2. Susanna Gal
  3. The White Buffalo (Leela Grace)
  4. Turn Your Radio On (Albert Brumley)
  5. Autumn Harvest (Ellie Grace)
  6. We Shall Not Give Up The Fight
  7. In The Cradle of the Moon (Leela Grace)
  8. Crossing The Water (Bill Staines)
  9. Johnny Whistletrigger (Bob Dyer)
  10. Nail That Catfish To A Tree (Steve Rosen)
  11. Hillcrest Mine (James Keelaghan)
  12. Song Of Harriet Tubman (Leela Grace)
  13. Wave The Ocean (Tim O'Brien/trad.)
  15. Who Will Watch The Homeplace? (Kate Long)
  16. Barefoot Boy With Boots On
  17. Angel Of The Light (Leela Grace)

Dance Upon the Earth
 CD 1996


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Win Grace: autoharps, accordion, voice 
Paul Fotsch:
fiddle, mandolin, guitar, harmonica, voice
Leela Grace:
banjo, bones, spoons, voice, feet (clog dancing) 
Ellie Grace:
mandolin, guitar, bones, spoons, voice, feet (clog dancing)

There is nothing quite like playing and singing with your family, whether it's onstage or in the living room - it's plain old pure joy!  Each of the Graces contributed an equal quarter of this album -- you'll have to figure out which parts belong to which Grace!


"For over an hour, their great vocal harmonies stand out in their musical celebration of life, transition, and experience. Some songs will make you laugh and sing. Some are inspiring. This album has range: Instrumentally it presents everything from a cappella thru instrumental. Songs date from the civil war thru this year. Songs to warm your heart or give you chills. But everything is perfectly produced and performed."
-- Dan Klarmann, Folkfire


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