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Carved Out of Time

Side One:

  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. One Little Story A Crow Told Me
  3. Tom Big Bee River
  4. I Don't Love Nobody
  5. Lass Of Glenshee
  6. Cold Frosty Morning /Juneapple

Side Two:

  1. Ella Ewing (Ron Morris)
  2. Three-Quarter Time (Teri Rasmusson)
  3. Booth Shot Lincoln
  4. Talking Waters (Bob Dyer)
  5. Yellow Rose Of Texas
  6. Kitty Alone

Now available on CD!
Fiddle, Folk and Foolishness
No longer out of print!


Carved Out of Time Cassette, Released in 1990

Win Grace: autoharps, accordion, vocals
Paul Fotsch:
fiddle, mandolin, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Leela Grace: bones, vocals
Ellie Grace: bones, spoons, kazoo, vocals

Win Grace & Paul Fotsch play "the hits" -- their audience's favorites from the silly to the romantic to the kick-out-the-jams dance tunes. Leela and Ellie join in on harmonies and percussion.  The album ends with their sweet young voices joining Mom and Dad for a lullaby to bring peace to even the most sleep-resistant. 

"As instrumentalists they really shine and their vocals are like icing on a cake, which when put together produces an album of very fine traditionally-based songs..."           --Charles Whitmer, The Autoharpaholic

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