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Fiddle, Folk and Foolishness
Win Grace & Paul Fotsch:
The Early Years
With Leela and Ellie Grace



  1. Home Sweet Home (John Payne/Sir Henry Bishop, 1823)

  2. Yellow Rose of Texas (Traditional)

  3. The Talking Waters (Bob Dyer)

  4. I Don’t Love Nobody (Lew Sully, 1896) 

  5. The Preacher and the Bear (Traditional)

  6. Milwaukee Blues (Charlie Poole)

  7. River (Bill Staines)

  8. Red-Haired Boy – Cluck Old Hen (Trad) 

  9. Tom Big Bee River (Silas Steele, 1848)

  10. I'm Goin’ Back To Whur I Come From (Carson Robison)

  11. The Ballad of Ella Ewing (Ron Morris)

  12. Fifty Miles of Elbow Room (Traditional/except 2nd verse Ellie Grace, age 6) 

  13. One Little Story A Crow Told Me (Walter Kit Smith, 1930)

  14. Booth Shot Lincoln (Traditional)

  15. The Lass of Glenshee (Andrew Sharpe)

  16. The Ash Grove -- Little Girl Dressed In Blue (Traditional)

  17. Diamond Joe -- Cotton-Eyed Joe (Traditional)

  18. Red Wing -- Cherokee Shuffle (Traditional)

  19. Whoa Mule Whoa (Trad except verses by Win, Leela & Ellie Grace)

  20. Kiss Me Quick and Go (Silas Steele, Fred Buckley)

  21. My Darling Nellie Grey (Benjamin Hanby)

  22. Kitty Alone (Traditional)

Fiddle, Folk and Foolishness
CD, 2005


This is a 77-minute CD compiled from these 3 albums:
A Place In The Choir,
Fifty Miles of Elbow Room, 1987
Carved Out of Time, 1990

Win Grace:
Autoharps, Piano Accordion, Vocals

Paul Fotsch:
Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Leela Grace, age 13:
Vocals, Bones
Ellie Grace, age 11:
Vocals, Spoons, Kazoo, Bones
Cathy Barton:
Banjo on cuts 17 & 21

A Note from Win Grace:

When Paul Fotsch and I went into The Land Recording Studio in 1984 to record our very first album, A Place In The Choir, our music career was in its infant stage.  You can almost hear the nervous excitement as we play everything at break-neck speed.  (We’re in the studio, multi-tracking like the pros, making a cassette tape for all the world to hear!!) In 1986, I quit my day job which was paying the bills, and we became full-time touring professional folk musicians. A year later, we went back into the studio to make a record, Fifty Miles of Elbow Room, and felt like we were really hitting the big time. (We’re making a record!!)  

Daughters Leela and Ellie were always along at performances and were often along in the recording studio, observing, learning, singing, dancing, assisting, and eventually, stealing our material.  It seemed a natural progression that they would join the band as we became The Grace Family.  You can hear the beginnings of the Grace Family band sound on our 1990 album, Carved Out of Time. 

In 2005, I find that what I said on our 1987 LP still applies:  My love and thanks to all of the wonderful people who have listened to us, hosted us for concerts and dances, jammed with us, put us up, put up with us, and who have been true friends in many wonderful ways.  Thanks for listening!  
-- Win Grace


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